Happy New Year 2019 English quotes

Every year on the New year, we all have hopes that this year will prove to be very good for us and we all have a beautiful opportunity to explore new hopes, new desires, new hopes, and new possibilities. So what have we done in our last year and how did we live that year? We must forget all these things and start the new year. We should welcome these New Year's heart by forgetting all these successes and failures in the past year. The New Year teaches us that we should forget about the past and always think ahead and try to improve the time ahead. In the new year, we should try that we do not repeat the mistakes made in the past year. Always learning from one of the mistakes and failures of our old times, we should move forward in life and try to ensure our successes. As well as learning every new year, there is also a special opportunity to celebrate glee and happiness. On this day, we all greet our friends, elders, and grandfathers for the New Year and heartily pray that this year is very good for them.

All the best wishes of the new year to all of you, we hope that this new year will prove to be very good compared to all the passing years. In the same sequence, we have brought you a collection of such Shayari with whom you will send greetings to your loved ones and friends, and they will be happy with your wishes sent to you.

All your gum tones in happiness
Open all your secrets in front of you
No one should speak before me,
So why not think today,
Let's say Happy New Year! .. !!!!

Gul has sent gulfam to Gulshan,
Stars have saluted the sky,
Happy New Year,
We have sent this message in ADVANCE !!
Best wishes for a happy NewYear.

The lions never hide by hiding
Do not blame
We are those who wish to celebrate the new year
Do not wait for a January!
.. Happy new year..

Happy new year
This year, your home will be happy,
If you do not have wealth,
Keep smiling at all,
Happy New Year!

Keeping this relationship unchanged,
Keeping the lamp of memories in the heart,
Very cute trip to 2018 ...
Just keep this in 2019 as well.
Happy New Year..!

Flowers will look beautiful in Gulshan,
Last year's sour-sweet will be with memories,
Come together celebrate the joy of the new year with happiness,
On the first morning of the new year the joy will bring countless.
Best wishes for a happy New Year .

Forget the years gone by,
Embrace this New Year,
We do bend our head,
All the dreams of this year are yours.
Happy New Year!

The new year has come to light,
Open your lock of fate
Always up to you
This is what your loved one wants ..!
Best wishes for a happy New Year.

Your heart is your arrogance, you have thoughts
A jan-e-jaan, you have a question of a look
Let's wait for your wait,
Another new night of life is the new year
Best wishes for a happy New Year .

The years which passed, they forget the new year.

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